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With a combined experience of over 30 years breeding Bengals, Jon and I try to share our knowledge whenever we get a chance.  Many of these article topics are inspired by questions we repeatedly see on discussion boards or items we are often asked by our customers.  We hope you find the answers to some of your questions here.

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What Makes a Responsible Bengal Breeder? 

From the outside, it looks simple, but breeding cats is complex.  Unfortunately, the idea of breeding cats - a household pet, not a livestock animal - has a broad spectrum of motivations behind it.  Some people do it for the…

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What is the best cat food to feed a Bengal?

Sometimes it feels like you need a degree in Animal Nutrition to pick the best cat food for your Bengal cat.  The pet food recalls, lack of supplies, and raw debate make picking the best cat food a challenging choice…

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Is grain-free bad for cats?

Picking the right cat food can be confusing and sometimes asking the vet makes it even more confusing.  If you were to go to a vet and ask, "Is grain-free bad for cats?" the answer you are likely to hear…

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Bengal-Proof Your Easter

We all look forward to the holidays when we can get together with family and friends, but Easter, in particular, invites some dangers for Bengal cats into the home. Some careful planning can prevent these dangers while still engaging in…

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What and How You Feed May Affect Your Bengal Cat's Behavior

A client recently contacted us with some questions regarding behavior issues - jumping on the counter, stealing food, avoiding positive human interaction, and vocalizing obnoxiously.  After having conversations with the family, we discovered that the cause of these behaviors was…

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Bengal cats and Kids can be Best Buddies

Kids love kittens. If you have kids and do not already have a kitten, you are unlikely to escape the plea for one. Lots of people want to get their children a pet. Bengals tend to be a popular choice…

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How to Avoid Bengal Cat Scams

You want to buy a Bengal, but you do not want to be scammed? Purchasing a pet online can be unnerving, but it does not have to be.  There are scams out there, but with this guide, you will avoid…

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Cat Food Tips to get through COVID-19

With COVID-19 sweeping us into a different world, raw feeders may have found some challenges.  For one, raw feeding can be expensive when you buy it pre-made and pre-balanced.  Secondly, we are encouraged to have a month's supply of food…

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Keep Calm about Cats and COVID-19

The COVID-19 Pandemic has thrust us into an unknown world.  We do not know what to expect; we cannot predict the future, and we do not know what sources of information to trust.

When it comes to COVID-19 and the…

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Navigating the Cat World in a Call-Out Culture

Polarization among people is incredibly high and continuing to rise.  The Cat World is no different.  It has long been known that one must be thick-skinned to interact within the breeding world regardless of species - cat, dog, horse, bird…

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Solutions for Bengal Cat Litter Box Problems

Do Bengal cats have more litter box issues than any other cat? No one really knows. People tend to talk about cats with litter box issues, not those with perfect litter box habits. If you spend time in a Bengal…

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Are Bengal Cats Vocal Cats?

Bengal cats are known to be vocal, but this is not necessarily a consistent breed trait, nor is it something from their hybrid ancestry. In over 20 years of breeding Bengal cats, we have had some vocal Bengal cats and…

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How Long do Bengal Cats Live?

Bengal cat life expectancy does not differ from the average indoor cat life expectancy of 12-18 years; however, there are steps both your breeder and you can make to extend the life of your cat.  We have heard back from…

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Bengal Cat Favorite Toys of 2019

Toys here.  Toys there. Toys, toys, everywhere.  When you look at what is online and available in stores, it can be perplexing as to which toys to buy, Which toys will be used? Which toys will be ignored?  We have…

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