Is it a Bengal?

If you were to check any Bengal breeder's email inbox or hang out in a Bengal cat chat group and you are bound to find the infamous question attached to a picture - is it a Bengal?

First, we have…

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Cat Wheels - Do you need one? If so, which one?

Updated January 2022

Cat wheels are a relatively new concept for most cat owners.  Naturally, people want to know if they should get one and, if so, which one.  We hope to help you figure that out by sharing…

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How to Play with your Bengal Cat

"You've got to be kidding me - how to play with your Bengal?  Everyone knows how to play with a cat.  Besides, my cat plays by itself.  I bought it a bunch of toys, and it can just chase those…

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Adopt or Shop: It's YOUR Choice

Are you thinking about buying a purebred cat, but you aren’t quite sure you should because of all the animals in shelters? You may want to consider the pros and cons of both options before making that decision. 


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The Benefits of Outcrossing in a Bengal Breeding Program

Within any purebred breeding program, the breeder should have specific goals in mind.  A primary goal is the one everyone sees - a distinct, recognizable appearance.  After all, this is the number one reason breeders choose to breed a specific…

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Do Bengals like to be Touched or Held?

The Bengal personality can run the gamut. In general, they are extremely social cats - wanting to be involved in everything you do, but also, in general, they are an all-four-on-the-floor cat, meaning they prefer to have their feet on…

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What Treats are Best for Raw-Fed Bengal Cats?

Finding the right treats for a raw-fed cat can be a little challenging because most treats come in kibble form which the raw-fed cat may not recognize as being food.  Finding a treat your cat loves, though, is important.  Unlike…

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2018 Show Season Wrap Up

The Quality Bengal Kittens Clan experienced its best show season to date - taking the top spots in all three Bengal categories in the Mid Pacific Region. 

Vera earned the spot of Best Bengal.  She started strong by making…

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Do Bengals get along with Dogs?

Bengals are very social animals.  That belief that cats would prefer to live a solitary life if they had the choice is not true for the Bengal cat.  Bengals need social interaction.  They need to have a family - a…

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