What Treats are Best for Raw-Fed Bengal Cats?

Finding the right treats for a raw-fed cat can be a little challenging because most treats come in kibble form which the raw-fed cat may not recognize as being food.  Finding a treat your cat loves, though, is important.  Unlike…

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2018 Show Season Wrap Up

The Quality Bengal Kittens Clan experienced its best show season to date - taking the top spots in all three Bengal categories in the Mid Pacific Region. 

Vera earned the spot of Best Bengal.  She started strong by making…

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Do Bengals get along with Dogs?

Bengals are very social animals.  That belief that cats would prefer to live a solitary life if they had the choice is not true for the Bengal cat.  Bengals need social interaction.  They need to have a family - a…

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Why do we heart test our Bengal cats for so many years?

While looking around for your future Bengal kittens, you may come across breeder websites talking about HCM testing.  What is HCM, and how important is it to buy from a breeder who tests for it?  HCM stands for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy…

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Are Bengal cats Hypoallergenic?

July 7, 2018

by Robyn Paterson

One of the most frequent questions we get from people is whether or not Bengal cats are hypoallergenic. The correct answer is yes, they are hypoallergenic, but to fully understand that answer, you must…

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Do you have the Right Mindset for a Bengal cat?

Bengals attract a lot of people looking for a purebred cat because they are beautiful.  Their wild coats, large expressive eyes, and athletic bodies all make them attractive animals.  But before determining whether or not a Bengal is the right…

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Do Bengals have more Behavioral Problems than other Cats?

If you spend enough time on any internet Bengal Board, you will hear owners complaining about their cats improperly eliminating, stalking a family member, playing too rough, or destroying the prize couch and curtains.  None of these are desirable behaviors…

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Using Thuja to Remove Toxins from a Cat

Concentrating on my photo shoot, I heard the crash of the lights behind me.  Ugh, now I had to clean up this mess before I could get back to my job because the contents of compact fluorescent light bulbs are…

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Simplifying your Bengal's Vaccines

First, we will express that the article's information is our opinion, and we have not licensed veterinarians. Why should you listen to us over the Banfield Veterinarian at your local PetSmart? Although "We have laws in most states banning corporations…

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