Kitten Pricing

    • Our kitten price is $2200.
    • For previous customers, the price is $2000.
    • If you purchase two kittens at once, the price is $2000 per kitten.

    The $500 Waitlist fee goes towards the purchase price of a kitten. 


    August 2021


    updated September 26, 2021


    • We may hold back up to 25% of our kittens for breeding purposes.  Most of these kittens are female. No matter what the numbers say, the female list moves more slowly.
    • If we owe a person a replacement kitten, we reserve the right to provide that replacement ahead of those on the Waitlist.
    • We found it impossible to accurately predict the speed at which people will be offered a kitten.  It varies greatly based on what you desire, what is desired by the people above you on the list, and what kittens are born.


    Below you will find our Pet Waitlist. Names are displayed by first and last initial and are prioritized in the order in which the Waitlist Payment was received. ​The Waitlist includes people who, for reasons such as bad timing, life changes, etc., do not know when they will be ready for a kitten, but they will give us six months' notice. It would be best if you do not calculate these people into your estimated wait time.  Also, notice some people are waiting on something specific and have passed on previously available kittens. After each Kitten Selection Weekend, you should check the Waitlist for changes above you. 

    Once the Selected Kitten Payment is received, a placement will be removed. The purpose of disclosing the information on this list is to understand how many people are ahead of you and what sort of kittens or circumstances they are waiting on which will allow you to make an informed decision about whether you would like to join the waitlist or not. 

    What is the expected wait time?  The fewer restrictions you have on what you want, the faster you will bring home a kitten.  We could send you home with a kitten in as soon as a few months (especially as we approach June and November).  This would likely be a brown spotted/rosetted male kitten as that is what we offer most frequently.  If you want a snow, the wait could be a year or longer due to the number of people waiting for snows and the inconsistency in when we get snow kittens.  If you want a marble Bengal, the estimate is harder to determine because we get fewer of them.

    Status Key
    6MN = These people will provide a six-month notification before being ready for a kitten. It would be best not to consider these people picking ahead of you.
    P = Has been offered a kitten and has passed. He/she will continue to pass until specific preferences are met.
    AW = Actively waiting.  Has not been offered kittens.
    M=male, F=female

    Note: Gender must be decided prior to joining our list because the speed at which we offer females is so much slower than the speed at which we offer males. Even if a note says the person is flexible on gender, they will not be offered the other gender unless all people waiting on that gender have passed.  


    Initials Payment Received Status Gender Other Preference
    DL April 2018 P M Ready October 2021
    DL April 2018 P M Ready October 2021


    Initials Payment Received Status Gender Other Preference
    BH Jan 2019 6MN M  
    BH Jan 2019 6MN F  
    JS 12/29/2019 6MN F  
    MC 12/30/2019 6MN M  


    Initials Payment Received Status Gender Other Preference or Note
    CF 4/24/2020 6MN M  
    SM 6/20/2020 6MN M  
    SM 6/20/2020 6MN F  
    AT 6/20/2020 P M Sepia snow
    JL 12/24/2020 P M Wants a kitten like Orestes
    KC 12/26/2020 AW F Sepia snow to join Leo
    MTB 12/27/2020 AW F Snow to join Tigger
    MM 12/28/2020 6MN M None


    Initials Payment Received Status Gender Other Preference or Note  
    ER 1/1/2021 P F Only cat; Ready December 2021 or later  
    MP 1/3/2021 P F Will wait for at least 1 of 2 kittens to be snow.  
    MP 1/3/2021 P M Will wait for at least 1 of 2 kittens to be snow.  
    EK 1/4/2021 P F    
    ED 1/23/2021 P M Waiting on move, likely ready in August  
    BH 2/8/2021 P M Waiting on a move, undetermined date.  
    DS 3/18/2021 P F None  
    IE 5/6/2021 AW F Snow  
    AH 5/28/2021 P F Open to all colors  
    EL 6/20/2021 AW M Prefers snow  
    LB 7/7/2021 AW M    
    CC 7/13/2021 AW M None  
    JI 8/5/2021 AW M Will travel and hike  
    KCK 9/13/21 AW M Interested in snow but open to all colors  
    JA 10/9/21 AW M Snow or tawny brown  
    DG 10/16/21 AW M Snow