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Because Leopard cat lines are very important to us, we have organized this page based on each cat's closest Leopard cat.  If you click on the link to see the cat's photo album, it will take you to our Facebook page. We have it set up this way because the number of pictures we can have on our website is limited, and, as you can see, this is a picture intense site. You do not need to have a Facebook account to see the Facebook page.  

Females Down from the Leopard cat Taro of Bundas

CH Solana Ranch Let Freedom Ring - Freya
From Solana Ranch Last Patriot x Winsomebg Head On of Sunshine
A fourth-generation SBT Bengal down from Leopard cat Taro of Bundas, Freya takes her mother's strengths up a notch. Freya's sire put the forward tilt back onto the ears, dropped the nose deep between the whisker pads, and sculpted the face adding incredible definition.  Inside of Freya resides the spirit of her grandmother Awagati Independence, and she blesses our lives with her embodiment of mischievous play.
Genetics: PK-Def and PRA N/N, carries sepia, homozygous spotted

Freya's Photo Album
Freya's Pedigree

RW QGC Solana Ranch Unalienable Right - Una
From Solana Ranch Last Patriot x Beaux Mondes Home of the Brave
A fourth-generation SBT Bengal down from Leopard cat Taro of Bundas, Una was a keeper from the moment she was born.  One fast trait to lose on the Bengal is the ocular bone that holds the eyes in a forward, nocturnal setting, so when Una came out with saucer-like bone structure behind her eye slits, she was an instant keeper.  Perhaps the best way to describe Una came from a TICA judge who said, "She has a special expression that is not any other breed."    Genetics: PK-Def and PRAb N/N, carries sepia
Una's Photo Album

Una's Pedigree

Solana Ranch Luau

Solana Ranch Luau

Solana Ranch Luau - Little Lu
From Solana Ranch Lucalike x Xanadu Dream Weaver
A fourth-generation SBT Bengal down from Leopard cat Taro of Bundas, Little Lu exudes joy and fun. Live life like Little Lu and all will be well.  On top of her beautiful head, Little Lu has the best-shaped ears within the Solana Ranch breeding program, and better yet, she passes that shape, including the rounded inner edge, to her offspring.  Her deep body, rounded rump, and low tail carriage are also unique traits she contributes to breed development.
Genetics PK-Def N/N, PRAb N/K, homozygous brown spotted

Little Lu's Photo Album
Little Lu's Pedigree

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