Wildernesswell Female Cats

When we got married, we decided that each one of us would keep our own cattery name, but we would operate together under Quality Bengal Kittens.  Since kittens are registered based on the owner of the mother cat, each one of our litters will be registered based on whether the mother is Jon's cat or Robyn's cat.  

These are the girls of Wildernesswell.

StarwindsUK Kadou of Wildernesswell - Kadou 
A second generation cat down from Juara of Eraser, Kadou is one of a kind in the United States. Lots of cats were sold out of Juara, but few made it to SBT and even fewer are still breeding today - Kadou being the only one we know of in the United States.  Juara is an important cat as he is completely unrelated to the popular line of Leopard cats used within the breed which means Kadou is critical in expanding the gene pool.   

Kadou's Genetic Lineup: A2/A, TaM/TaB, Pk Deficiency N/N, PRAb N/N which means Kadou carries marble and a Leopard cat agouti gene that is different from the UC Davis identified Leopard cat agouti labeled Apb.  We hypothesize this is because she comes from a different subspecies of Leopard cat than the mainstream Leopard cat used in the Bengal breed.  Kadou does not carry for PK Deficiency or PRAb.

Wildernesswell Noisette
from Wildernesswell Hezeru and Guru Rio Maggiore 
Noisette, a fourth generation down from Leopard cat Juara of Eraser, along with her brother Wildernesswell Frisky Filbert are Jon's first step into SBT Bengals with the Juara line.  We are so excited to have these two cats to expand the Juara gene pool further.  Noisette brings a beautiful body, super round ears, and well-puffed whisker pads to the SBT generation.  We are excited to see where things will go from here.

Noisette's Genetic Lineup: TaM/TaM, C/cs, D/d, PK Deficiency N/N and PRAb N/N which means she is homozygous spotted; she carries for seal lynx and dilute, and she does not carry for PK Deficiency or PRAb. Noisette tested negative for HCM in 2018.

Wildernesswell Khushee
from Purebliss Deltic Purrs and Wildernesswell Jacobite Rebellion
Khushee - a second generation hybrid from Safarii of AWildDream - is the poster child of second-generation friendliness.  Khushee is in love with Jon.  When she knows he is outside, she calls and calls for him and once he enters her run, she smothers him with love.  We feel so fortunate to have Safarii lineage as we believe him to be another Leopard cat who is not represented in the United States Bengal gene pool. We are hoping Khushee will pass down her amazing body shape, her strong coloration of coat, markings, and countershading, and tiny, wild-shaped head.

Khushee's Genetic Lineup: Apb/A, TaM/TaM, PK Deficiency N/N, PRAb N/N which means Khushee has one copy of Leopard cat agouti and that is it.  She is homozygous brown, homozygous spotted, and she does not carry for either PK Deficiency or PRAb. Khushee tested negative for HCM in 2018.

Wildernesswell Khushleen
from Wildernesswell Khushee and RW TGC BeaxMondes Home of the Brave

A third-generation Safarii of AWildDream hybrid, Khushleen is a dream on fast forward.  With all the time Jon spent waiting to move the Juara line down, Khushleen was a well-appreciated gift. We are counting on Khushleen to produce our third fertile fourth generation male, so we can work with three fourth generation boys down from three unrelated Leopard cats.

Khushleen's Genetic Lineup: TaM/TaB, C/cb, PK Def N/N PRAb N/N which means Khushleen carries for marble and sepia but does not carry for PK Deficiency or PRAb. Khushleen tested HCM negative in 2018. 

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