Updated November 2020

We have been breeding Bengal cats since 1999.  When you buy from us, you are buying from Bengal cat breeders who will be by your side for the lifetime of your cat as we don't see ourselves ever quitting until we are physically unable.  This is our life passion.  Bengal cats are what brought our lives together, and they will be in our lives until we leave this earth.  

Our consistent quality - derived from specific breed goals that are different from the majority of Bengal breeders - draw many people to our cattery.  We specialize in retaining wild essence, or the look of the early generation Bengals, combined with confident, intelligent, outgoing personalities as a result of selective breeding and intensive socialization from being raised underfoot in our home with children and the family dogs.
 All of our kittens come from parents who are tested for PK Deficiency, PRA-b, and HCM.  We have been  heart testing our cats since 2004 which means we have multiple generations and older cats whose hearts are disease-free.  Our three-year health guarantee is loophole-free.  We are members of TICA's Voluntary Responsible Breeding Program and all kittens are registered.  We show our cats in both TICA and CFA and are voting members of CFA Bengal Breed Council.  If you'd like some references, please read our unsolicited, unedited reviews on our Facebook Page.

Please read  Purchasing a Bengal for more information about how the Waiting List works.  It also explains the payments and our one price - $1800 - method. You can also view our contracts at the bottom of that page. Anytime you send us money, you will have an instant, digitally signed, legally binding contract that states what you have paid and what must be refunded if you don't get your kitten, so you have the assurance that we are not a scam.

While we do not ship our kittens, many people decide to fly to us to pick up.  Look around, our cats are different from most of what you see out there.  We are different from most of the breeders you will find.  We encourage you to look elsewhere.  We challenge you to find wilder looking SBT Bengals or more thoughtful, experienced Bengal cat breeders in any other program - worldwide.  Those who spot the difference always choose us.

If you are still deciding on whether or not the Bengal is the right breed for you, we have all the Bengal Cat Information that you never knew you needed to know on our BLOG. These articles will help you understand Bengal Cat ownership better.

If you are interested in selecting an available Bengal kitten or joining our Waiting List to select a future Bengal kitten, then please fill our a Bengal Kitten Application form.

If you visit our Facebook page, you will find many albums of past kittens in the photo albums.

Available Bengal Kittens

We currently have two kittens from our domestic shorthair outcross line.  At Quality Bengal Kittens, we don't just focus on the appearance of a Bengal.  We work to improve health as well.  Outcrossing creates genetic diversity which results in stronger health.  Here is an article that explains, in more detail, why we outcross. The Benefits of Outcrossing in a Bengal Breeding Program  The two available kittens are second-generation outcrosses which means they are two generations from a domestic shorthair, non-pedigreed cat.  The kittens themselves are TICA registered.  They have the personality and energy level of a Bengal, and they come with our full health guarantee along with our lifetime support. 

If you would like to wait for a full Bengal, we recommend that you join our waitlist sooner rather than later.  Those going on the waitlist now have a chance of bringing home a kitten in April, but June 2021 is the most realistic expectation. If you want a snow kitten, you need to be open to the idea that the wait could be a year depending on how the genetics come together.

We understand there are a lot of people looking for kittens right now.  We also understand that those who are more interested in buying from the right breeder will be willing to wait for the right kitten. Due to the increased demand for kittens, there is an increase in kitten scams.  Even if you are unable to wait for one of our kittens, please read our article on How to Avoid Scams.  

We are looking to partner with people who have shopped around and decided they want to buy from us, specifically, because of what we have to offer as breeders. In addition to the care we provide our cats and kittens, we are equally committed to offering our kitten buyers the most current information and the best Bengal ownership advice for the life of their Bengal. Please read our Blog to grasp just a taste of the level of knowledge and experience we offer.   

Please complete a Bengal Kitten Application if you would like to join the waiting list to have the first option kittens in 2021.

Are you new to Quality Bengal Kittens? Find out what makes us different - and check out our unsolicited reviews on Facebook.
Are you unsure of how the Waiting List works? Read about Buying a Bengal Kitten.

The brother and sister are available as a pair or individually.  They are both sweet, confident, friendly kittens.  They are full of energy and very intelligent.  They will bring a lot of energy and fun into your home.  They will be ready to go to their new homes in mid-December. Please complete a Kitten Application if you are interested and let us know in the comments box that you are interested in one or both of these kittens. 

Ferris Cat Wheel By Ziggy Doo

Thinking About Getting a Cat Wheel?

Read about our experience with three different wheels in our article on Cat Wheels to find out why we think Ferris Cat Wheels are the best.

If you decide to purchase a Ferris Cat Wheel by Ziggy Doo, we would appreciate it if you'd purchase through our link.  The price is exactly the same through our link as it is if you were to purchase directly from the Ziggy Doo website, but if we are able to get ten purchases via our link, the cats at Quality Bengal Kittens will get another wheel.  Wheels are in high demand here, so we would appreciate the help!

Click here to purchase through our link.

Vera strolls on the wheel each night to keep herself in top condition.

Vera strolls on the wheel each night to keep herself in top condition.

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