Available Bengal Kittens

Available Bengal Kittens $2500
We have a handful of beautiful kittens available who will be ready to join their new families from late June through early July. What makes our kittens different from the rest?

  • Years of health testing of the lineage. Not only do we do the expected genetic testing (PK Def, PRAb), but our testing goes much further than that. We heart (HCM) test and follow our breeding cats' health throughout their lives. Most breeders stop breeding and stop testing a cat at age four which provides minimal information about their health. Look at our list of cats tested to age five or older. 
  • Purposefully breeding for genetic diversity. We outcross to a diverse leopard cat lineage and domestic cats to increase our genetic diversity. When you combine this with our health testing track record, our cattery can't be beaten in the steps we take to produce healthy cats. 
  • Specifically selecting for personality. Have you had the chance to meet our cats at the show halls? If not, come on out to a show. If you want a cat for a specific purpose - to travel, to fit in with your other cats, to accept small children - we can produce what you are looking for as long as it fits within the typical range of a high-energy, intelligent cat. 
  • Critical focus on a small, nocturnal, tree-dwelling wildcat look. Too many Bengals look like tabby cats with rosettes. You will not find that ordinary look in our cats. We keep the large eyes, large nose, horizontal flow, and intricately details patterns that are features that should distinguish Bengals from other tabby cats. Most cats on the internet that equal our cats' wild faces are either early-generation cats or inbred cats. 
  • Over 20 years of experience. Spend twenty minutes on our website, and you will see that there is no other breeder who can provide you with more knowledge and experience on the breed. We are here to support you throughout your cat's life. 

Please complete a Kitten Application if you are interested in one of the available Bengal kittens. If you have your eye on a specific kitten, please tell us which one in the comments.  If its pictures are up, it has not been reserved.

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Available Adults

We are actively retiring adults at this time.  A formerly breeding adult cat adoption fee ranges from $300 to $800. The price is based on age and expected ease of transition.

If you are interested in a retired adult Bengal, please complete our Kitten Application, and in the comment box at the bottom, let us know you are interested in a retired adult.

If you want a cat who will easily adapt to travel and harness training, we typically recommend getting a kitten. 

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