Updated July 2018

Quality Bengal Kittens, located in Northern California, has Bengal kittens for sale throughout the year. Our consistent quality derived from specific breed goals which are different from the majority of Bengal breeders draw many people to our cattery.  We specialize in retaining wild essence, or the look of the early generation Bengals, combined with confident, intelligent, outgoing personalities as a result of selective breeding and intensive socialization from being raised underfoot in our home with young children and the family dogs.  All of our cats are TICA registered and tested for heart disease (including HCM), PK Deficiency and PRA b, and they come with a health guarantee that protects you, not us.

Are you interested in more information?  Please read Purchasing from Quality Bengal Kittens to understand our process, then fill out the Kitten Application Form, and we will get back to you. Or email us at qualitybengalkittens@gmail.com for more information on our Bengals.

We've also started a blog about Bengal cat health, nutrition, behavior, and care.  You may find helpful information on our QBK BLOG.

Feel free to Email Us with your questions.

Current Bengal Kittens for sale

Previous kittens from Quality Bengal Kittens.

Previous kittens from Quality Bengal Kittens.

Are you thinking of getting a Bengal Kitten this Fall? Hop on the Waiting List now, to pick your beautiful Bengal.

We currently have a few kittens who will be selected by people on our Waiting List the weekend of July 14/15th.  It is possible people will pass at that time and kittens may become available.  These kittens will depart to their new homes in September.

We have a two cats due mid-July.  Those on the Waiting List will pick their perfect babies in late August/early September, and kittens will head home in October.

Finally, we have a few girls currently breeding.  Their kittens are due in August and will join their families in November - just in time to settle in before the holiday fun.

When buying from a responsible, registered breeder, people purchasing pedigreed pets get the security of a known health history, predictable temperament, and desired appearance. Feel free to read "Why Buy from Quality Bengal Kittens" to find out more about all we do to bring the best Bengal kittens into the world. Purchasing from Quality Bengal Kittens explains the process of buying a kitten from us.

Please Email Us or private message us if we can answer any questions.  If you feel we are the right breeders for you, complete our Kitten Application Form to get the ball rolling on joining our Waiting List.  We tried to make most of the questions multiple choice so that it wouldn't take up too much of your time. 

Email: qualitybengalkittens@gmail.com 

Available Retired Breeders

We are actively retiring cats right now.  Please email us if you are looking for a retired breeder, and we will let you know who we have available or who will be available shortly.  Our price for retired breeders is $300.

The pictures below show a sampling of our past kittens.  If you visit our Facebook page, you will find many albums of past kittens in the photo albums.
Img 3969
Img 8280
Img 1497
Img 1233
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At this time we are unable to ship pet kittens unless you or a representative for you sees the kitten in our home.  

This shipping restriction is due to the Retail Pet Law recently pushed into action by HSUS.  HSUS spends 180 million dollars a year in a step by step, slow process to end animal ownership.  Yes, you read that correctly, their ultimate goal is to end animal ownership.  Please visit www.keepourdomesticanimals.com to learn more and perhaps donate to legal effort to overturn the Retail Pet Law, so that you can regain the choice to buy a pet that is raised inside a home, sleeps in a bed with its human - and perhaps canine - family members, and eats from the hand of its loving breeder. 

Quality Bengal Kittens is the combination of Solana Ranch and Wildernesswell Bengals.  We are TICA registered, Northern California Bengal breeders with a combined experience of over 20 years. Our passion is the Bengal cat.

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