Male Cats

As you look through the boys' pictures, you may click on each picture, and it will enlarge to its original size.  We do have more pictures on our Facebook page.  Just go to the Photo Albums take a look.

Solana Ranch What the Deuce - Patman
A fourth-generation SBT Bengal down from Taro of Bundas, Patman is the result of a whole lot of luck.  Neither parent is white bellied, but Patman has a strong expression of the pattern. Neither parent has a yellow base coat with black spots, but Patman inherited that incredible color combination, and on top of all that, Patman is fertile. He also displays some of the elements of wild essence that caused us to breed his parents in the first place - great ears, eyes, and nose, a deep body, and thick boning.

Patman's Genetic Lineup: Apb/A, TaM/Tab, C/cb, PK Deficiency N/N, PRAb N/N which means Patman has one Leopard cat Agouti gene, carries for marble, carries sepia, and does not carry for PK Deficiency or PRAb.
Patman most recently tested HCM negative in 2019.  All four of Patman's grandparents tested HCM negative at over five years old.

Regional Winner Triple Grand Champion Beaux Mondes Home of the Brave - Bravo 
A fifth-generation Bengal down from Icon of Stonehenge, Bravo has many facial features that are rare on male Bengals. His head is small but long - with the length behind the eyes. His nose is set down low between the whisker pads and his eyes are still a prominent feature of his face. Additionally, he has and produces the most beautiful, horizontal paw printed rosettes.  Bravo is a gem of a stud because lets the girl's strengths pass through and then adds all of his good parts as well.

Bravo's Genetic Lineup: TaM/Tab, C/cb, PK Deficiency N/N, PRAb N/N which means Bravo carries for marble and sepia and does not carry for PK Deficiency or PRAb. Bravo most recently tested HCM negative in 2018 at four years old.

Wildernesswell Frisky Filbert 

A fourth-generation SBT Bengal down from Juara of Eraser, Frisky Fil is one of a kind.  The Juara Leopard cat line was not easy to work to SBT; thus, Frisky Fil is the only fertile fourth-generation Juara line male in the world.  Juara is not related to any other Leopard cat used in the breed, so this brings strong genetic diversity into the breed. And just look at what Frisky Fil has to offer: incredible body shape, rounded, cupped ears, slender skull, excellent contrast and so much more. His first kittens appear to be coming out as frisky, confident, and loving as the original.

Frisky Fil's Genetic Lineup: D/d, TaM/TaM, PK Deficiency N/N, PRAb N/N which means Frisky Fil carries for dilute and absolutely nothing else. Frisky Fil most recently tested HCM negative in 2019.

Jewelspride Skookum
Jewelspride Skookum is a ninth generation male from Taro of Bundas who comes to us from Canada.  We asked our friend Carmen if she ever planned to pair his parents together as we knew they could make us a dream boy.  When Skookum was born, he was the "golden" sheep in a charcoal family - being the only kitten who didn't receive the melanistic gene that we were hoping to avoid.  Skookum brings to us his stunning coat color and genetics, a super long body with fantastically steep, Leopard-cat-like ribs and wonderfully sized, flowing rosettes.  We know he has some whited cats in his pedigree, so we hope to tap into those genetics too.

Skookum's Genetic Lineup: Apb/A, C/cb, TaM/TaB, PK Deficiency N/N and PRA N/N which means Skookum has one copy of Leopard cat agouti; he carries sepia and marble, and he does not carry for either PK Deficiency or PRAb. Skookum most recently tested HCM negative in 2019.