Male Cats

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International Winner Regional Winner Ultimate Supreme Grand Champion Wildernesswell Island Rain - Kodi

From BengalIslandcat Gidget and Raindancer's Tokoda 

We are so excited to have Kodi in our breeding program because he is gorgeous; he brings us two testable leopard cat genes - leopard cat agouti and leopard cat tabby. He also carries the longhair gene, and like his parents, he is incredibly sweet. Kodi has eyes that capture your heart and when he looks at you, you can see that all he wants is to share his love. Kodi's body is solid muscle on an excellent frame. His coat is dense and incredibly soft. He also has a wonderful thick tail which is something we often struggle to get in our cats. Kodi has become our most successful show cat.  He earned his TICA Supreme Grand Champion title in just three shows.  He went on to be TICA MidPacific Best Shorthair cat and Best Bengal along with being the 7th Best Allbreed cat in the region.  In LCWW, Kodi shattered records.  He was the first Championship cat worldwide to reach the title of Ultimate Grand Champion.  He was the Best Championship cat in the United States and the Second Best Championship cat worldwide. 

Kodi's Genetic Lineup: Apb/A, TaM_pb/TaB, N/M4, cb/cs PK Deficiency N/N, PRAb N/N, which means Kodi has one copy of Leopard cat agouti, one copy of Leopard cat Tabby, one copy of marble, one copy of the longhair gene, and he is a mink. He does not carry for PK Deficiency and PRAb. Kodi tested HCM negative in 2023.  See Kodi's Wisdom Panel Test Results, including his Genetic Diversity at 33% 

TICA Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion LCWW Triple Grand Champion CFA Champion Laddhillbengals Essential Elements - Eli

Eli joined us in the spring on 2023 from Lddhill Bengals near Portland, Oregon. Eli has been such an exciting addition to our program as he brings together a combination of traits that we have been striving to combine for many years.  Eli has a beautiful head with defined bone structure, often hard to get on a male. His ears are very well set and angled. He has a large puffed nose leather, deeply nestled between his whisker pads. Eli's body is long and firm. It is hard to keep his weight up as he spends so much time running on his wheel everyday that I think he could eat half a cow daily without putting on weight. Eli's coat is amazing. The balance of coloring between his rich golden background tones, thick black pattern, and phenomenally clean countershading is a dream come true. As well as wonderful type and great looks, Eli has a dream personality. He is sweet, gentle, cheerful. and confident. We have been showing Eli in TICA, CFA, and LCWW over the last year, and Eli is always a delight, whether he be lying in our arms completely relaxed or sitting in his show pen getting pets from all the spectators. We can't wait to see the personality in his kittens that will be arriving in 2024. 

Eli's Genetic Lineup: A/A, TaM/TaM_pb3, PK Deficiency N/N, PRAb N/N, which means Eli has one copy of Leopard cat tabby. He does not carry for PK Deficiency and PRAb. Eli tested HCM negative in 2024.  See Eli's Wisdom Panel Test Results including his Genetic Diversity at 33%

Quadruple Grand Champion Wildernesswell Shenanigans

From Wildernesswell Tonauac and Wildernesswell Island Rain (Kodi)

Shenanigans is the definition of joy. He is our first keeper from Kodi, and much to our surprise, we discovered it was possible to be even sweeter than Kodi. Shenanigans thinks that life should be spent being carried around and looking lovingly into people's eyes. While being carried around is a great pleasure of Shenanigans, his athleticism is incredible. He performs gravity defying backflips and leaps that are always surprising for a cat his size. Shenanigans is a big powerful boy. He is a little bit taller than Kodi, and quite a bit longer, so we are curious to see what weight he will end up being. Shenanigans has an excellent head with prominent gold eyes, well defined by their surrounding bone structure. His muzzle is robust without being heavy, and his chin balances beautifully against his broad, puffed, and well set nose. Like his father, Shenanigans has a great break up of the pattern on his tail, taking the usual tabby tail rings and breaking several of them into spots and rosettes. While Shenanigans has many wonderful physical traits, the icing on the cake really is his personality.  His confidence at meeting new people has been such a joy. We have taken him to many shows and he rubs on everyone while making biscuits with his feet. When doing the LCWW Catwalk, people usually carry their cats for the crowds to see. Shenanigans would happily walk down the red carpet, going up to people to be petted as he walked along and happily playing and doing jumps to show off the Bengal personality. 

Shenanigans' Genetic Lineup: A/A, TaM/TaB, C/cs, PK Deficiency N/N, PRAb N/N, which means Shenanigans has one copy of the marble gene, and he carries seal lynx. He does not carry for PK Deficiency or PRAb. Shenanigans tested HCM negative in 2024.  See Shenanigans' Wisdom Panel Test Results including his Genetic Diversity at 34%

Wildernesswell Tokala

From BengalIslandcat Gidget and Raindancer's Takoda 

Tokala is a very exciting boy to have here. He is a younger brother to Wildernesswell Island Rain (Kodi) and was originally going to go to Northwest Bengals in Portland. They had a half-brother they were keeping, so they decided not to take Tokala. This was great news, as Tokala has such a striking, wild look to him. Tokala and Kodi share many strengths, but also some prominent differences. We are still waiting to find out some of the genes that Tokala carries, but based on the looks of his first kitten, we are in for a real treat with what is yet to come. Tokala is such a sweet boy, and his personality really came through in his first baby. His dramatically wild-looking eyes, wild expression, and thick tail also look to have passed on. We can't wait to see what the future holds with Tokala. 

Tokala's Genetic Lineup: A/A2, TaM/TaB, N/M4, C/cs, PK Deficiency N/N, PRAb N/N, which means Tokala has one copy of the A2 gene, which has unknown ancestry, and one copy of marble. Tokala also carries longhair and seal lynx. He does not carry for PK Deficiency or PRAb. Tokala tested HCM negative in 2023.  Tokala's Wisdom Panel results are pending and will be posted once we receive them. 

Wildernesswell Chaos Theory

From Wildernesswell Raisin Chaos and Mumindalens BimisArkyn 

Theo is a unique male in our cattery, as he is our only marble boy. We had been hoping for a brown spotted son to keep from Chaos and Arkyn, but when Theo was born, his excellent qualities were clear to see. Theo has the excellent ears of his mother, in each of the important elements - shape, size, and setting. His eyes are the perfect balance of his mother's large size and his father's very wild shape. His nose is low set and well puffed just like his father. Chaos and Arkyn really gel well and never failed to have kittens that really made our hearts skip. As well as the excellent head traits Theo has, he also has a very long and athletic body with a strong and low slung tail. Theo's marble pattern is very striking, with a great richness and diversity to the colors and intense rippling and fine detail within the pattern. This is all offset against his beautiful countershading whcih makes his clack areas pop.  Theo's first kittens have just arrived and appear to have his wild face and excellent ears. We can't wait to watch them grow.

Theo's Genetic Lineup: Apb/A, TaB/TaB, C/cs, PK Deficiency N/N, PRAb N/N, which means Theo has one copy of the leopard cat agouti gene, and he is a marble. Theo also carries seal lynx. He does not carry for PK Deficiency or PRAb. Theo's parents and all four of his grandparents have tested negative for HCM.  See Theo's Wisdom Panel Test Results including his Genetic Diversity at 32%