What are the Best Quality Treats for Bengal Cats? 

Cat treats are an essential tool for cat ownership - especially Bengal cat ownership.  Bengals need their minds stimulated, so it is essential to either actively train them to rotate different puzzles throughout your house.  Either way, you will need treats.  Many treats on the market are not healthy.  There is no reason to harm a quality diet with poor-quality treats. Here are our recommendations on treats, along with their best uses. 

Moist Treats
Pros: Cats love them.
Cons: They are hard to give to cats; you cannot leave them in a toy.

Instinct Freeze Dried Raw
Pros: These have the most uniform round shape which is good for toys that toss treats to fetch or toys designed to drop treats as they move.  
Cons: They have more ingredients than other freeze-dried treats. 

Vital Essential Mini Nibs
Pros: Roundish shape that will work for many toys but with better quality (and fewer) ingredients.
Cons: Not as uniform in shape as Instinct treats, so they have a higher chance of getting stuck in toys. 

Other Awesome Treats
Pros: These treats are great for hiding in puzzles that cats must open. 
Cons: The shape of these treats means they won't easily expel from the holes of toys. 

Food As Treats
Pros: Balanced ingredients. Ziwi Peak and CatIt Gold Fern are air-dried, which is better than freeze-dried. 
Cons: Larger size.