Quality Canned Food For Cats

We feed and recommend a raw diet for Bengal cats. If your Bengal cat struggles to absorb the nutrients from food, it can affect behavior. Research study after research study shows that all animals are healthier on their natural diet. 

Some people are not comfortable feeding raw. We have put this page together to offer the best canned or wet cat foods.  We absolutely cannot and will not recommend a dry food diet. The following foods are recommended because they fit the AAFCO nutrient profiles and do not contain meat by-product meals, carrageenan, grains, or fish beyond fish oil. While we offer this information with the best intention, we do not offer any guarantees or assume any liability for its accuracy. Foods are organized alphabetically. Recommending a brand does not mean that everything within that brand is recommended, just the linked foods. We suggest that you feed a variety of proteins and brands, so your cat does not become picky.  Feeding various foods means your cat is less likely to be affected by a recall.

While it does not quite meet our list criteria, we use Fancy Feast Chicken Pate as a treat to hide medications as needed. Cats love Fancy Feast, and it masks medications well. The non-fish Pate varieties of Fancy Feast are not bad; they don't make the list because it is unclear what their meat by-product meal is made of or sourced from.

Castor and Pullox Organix
Pros: Organic, Manufactured in USA, GMO free, Gum Free
Cons: Up to 10% carbohydrates; includes alfalfa meal, pea protein, peas, 


Dave's Cat's Meow
Pros:   All varieties are under 5% carbohydrates; BPS free; Manufactured in USA and Canada
Cons: Some varieties are high in fat; some varieties include fruits and vegetables

Dave's Naturally Healthy
Pros:   Pates are under 5% carbohydrates; BPS free; Manufactured in USA and Canada; available in 12.5 ounce cans
Cons: Some varieties include fruits and vegetables; the gravy version is over 10% carbohydrate

Grandma Mae's Country Naturals
Pros: The varieties we recommend have 0% carbohydrates; Ingredients are from USA and Canada
Cons: Pea Protein, Tapioca starch, not all varieties are equally good