Purchasing a Bengal Kitten

How much does a Bengal cat cost?

All kittens are sold for $1800.  We put the same time, energy, veterinary care, genetic testing, into each kitten; therefore all kittens are priced the same.  There is no price bouncing here at Quality Bengal Kittens.  When you buy from us, you are not just buying a kitten, you are buying our casting knowledge and experience.  You have someone who you can ask questions throughout the life of your cat.

How do you reserve a kitten?

The most serious pet buyers will want to place a $500 down payment to hold a place in line to select a kitten.  Before you do this, we recommend that you scour the internet comparing our cats to others out there to make sure that a Quality Bengal Kitten is the right one for you.  Placing a down payment secures a price of $1800. We have a proven track record of consistently producing exceptional kittens that have the distinguished look of a small forest-dwelling wildcat; therefore, we do not bounce our prices around from kitten to kitten.  All kittens are sold for $1800. We do ask that you decide a gender as we divide our waiting lists by gender.  You will never lose your spot in line once you have paid your down payment to go on the waiting list.  You can only move up, not down. You can pass on as many kittens as you'd like until the right one is born. When placing a $500 down payment to go on the waiting list, we will ask for an additional payment of $650 when you pick a specific kitten.  Then, the final balance of $650 is due upon collection of your kitten.  

How does the Waiting List work?

We do not post upcoming or expected litters because we have found that it sets people up for disappointment.  People have become accustomed to ordering exactly what they want and getting it.  It does not work that way with live animals.  Just because a pairing has the genetics to produce someone's dream cat doesn't mean they will.  Therefore, we do not make birth announcements.  Our process works as follows.

Kittens birth to four weeks - We will select kittens as keepers - no more than 25% within a month.

Kittens four to eight weeks - We determine a Kitten Selection date and write to the people on our Waitlist in order to set up appointments to select a kitten.

Once the Waiting List has had the opportunity to pick, then kittens become available to those not on the Waiting List who would like to pick a kitten. We do not keep a list of people interested but not ready to commit with a down payment.  We ask those people to follow us on Facebook as that tends to be where the kittens are posted first.  You do not need a Facebook account to access our Cattery page.

How long is the wait for a kitten?

How long you wait will largely depend on how specific you are in what you want.  We divide our Waitlist by gender.  We run a female-driven breeding program which means we keep our females and bring in new males.  This does not mean we don't keep any of our own boys, we do, but we keep more girls than boys.  Our male Waitlist moves much faster than our female list even though it is often longer.  If you have color or pattern traits you are specifically wanting, that could make the wait longer as well.  The shortest wait time is likely to be for a brown spotted/rosetted pet male kitten.

Do I get to pick my kitten out in person? 

We like to have people pick their kittens in person, but we understand that not everyone can do this.  When we schedule our Kitten Selection visits, we give you a one-hour window of time in which you can visit, do a video call with us and the kittens, or pick through pictures.  We ask that you make your selection at the time of your reserved spot regardless of the method you choose as we will be moving to the next person just after your scheduled visit.

NOTE: Until COVID passes and California is completely opened up at full capacity, we are not holding in-person visits.  This is not our preference as we enjoy meeting our kitten families in person, but we feel it is the safest choice your family, the cats, and our family.
What happens if you are not on the waiting list and see an available kitten that you'd like to reserve?
If you are not on our waiting list but see an available kitten that you'd like to reserve, no problem - send us a private message through the Facebook page or email.   We will ask you to complete our Kitten Application.  If your family is the right fit for the kitten, we will ask for a $900 down payment to hold the kitten, and the $900 balance is due at collection.

Why do we keep a paid waiting list?

We no longer keep a non-paid waiting list as we never found them to be reliable.  People would ask to be notified when we had kittens but may have already found a kitten by the time we contacted them.  This just wasn't working.  If you'd like to stay informed on our available kittens, please follow Quality Bengal Kittens.  If you see a kitten marked as being for Waiting List, you can send us a PM and let us know that you'd like to be contacted if that kitten becomes available.  We generally have a good idea of whether or not it will as we tend to know what each person on the waiting list is looking for. 

Why are the kittens priced at $1800? 
Our kitten price is based on what it costs to continue to enjoy our combined passion - raising Bengal cats.  We feed human-grade food which is expensive, and our cats get all the health tests that are available to them.  We are working hard to try to bring only healthy Bengals into the world.  You will find Bengals that cost more than ours, and you will find Bengals that cost less than ours.  If you do your research, we are certain that you will find we offer the best quality at a good price.  Our kittens are friendly, confident, and well socialized.  Also, they come from heavily health tested parents and are fed the very best there is to offer.  Finally, if you look through all of the pictures of previous kittens, you will see that our quality is consistent.  Our kittens have the distinguishing features of small wildcats: large eyes, rounded ears, puffed nose leather, and a horizontal flow to their coat pattern.  If this is the look you like in combination with a friendly, confident personality, our kittens can't be beaten.

Do you ship pet kittens?                                          Unfortunately, we cannot ship pet kittens unless you, or a non-paid representative for you, sees the kitten in person.  The Retail Pet Law prohibits breeders with more than four animals of breeding age to ship pet kittens sight unseen.  If you would like to purchase one of our kittens, but you do not live within driving distance, we are more than happy to meet you at the Sacramento airport with your kitten.  You can fly in, pick up your happy, healthy kitten, and take the next flight back home with your kitten.

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Quality Bengal Kittens Contracts

Below you may download and preview a sample of each of our contracts.  Typically, you will receive three contracts.  One when you go on the waiting list, as second when you pick a kitten, and a third when you take your kitten home.  Compare our Health guarantee with those of others.  You will find ours to be simple and straightforward and it benefits you, not us.  Here is a blog article on what you should look for in Health Guarantees - How to buy a Bengal with a known health history and a solid Health Guarantee. 

Waiting List Contract: This contract holds your place on the Waiting List. It also secures the funds you have paid. 218 KB
Specific Kitten Contract: Once you pick your kitten, you will receive this contract describing the kitten that is being held specifically for you and guarantees the additional funds you have paid. 242 KB
Final Contract with Health Guarantee: This is your final contract which includes the Health Guarantee. 228 KB