Clifford Brooks' Books

Are thinking about harness training or toilet training your cats? Don't go at it alone.  Clifford Brooks - a hybrid owner and lover who we met at our local cat shows - takes you through step by step and answers all the questions that come with trying something new.  His books are excellent resources for those wanting to train their cats. 

Jackson Galaxy

Jackson' Galaxy's books are great for every cat owners.  Total Cat Mojo helps you understand all the mental and physical needs of your cat.  Catification helps you set up your home in a way that will make both you and your cat happy. Both books are must-haves for every cat owner.

Books for Breeders

This Drug Handbook is an excellent resource for any breeder.  While Start with Why has nothing to do with cats, it is a book we'd recommend all breeders read.  If you can't define WHY you are breeding, you'll never do more than put pretty cats together.  Breeders should have goals, and this book will help you see why goal driven breeders will benefit their breed.

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