Sales of Breeding cats

If you found your way here because you are thinking of buying a cat from us with breeding rights, here are a few things you need to know about us.

We want to work with other breeders who are working on similar goals as we are as we believe these breeders will be happy with our cats.  We feel our cats have a lot to offer programs who are focused on creating a look similar to the small forest dwelling wildcats.  This is different from traditional show type.

Our standard breeding prices are as follows: $2800 for a female; $3500 for a male.  We will subtract $500 from that if the cat carries for PK- Def or PRA.  We will add $500 if we believe the cat will hold a strong expression of the white belly pattern.

We are very limited in where we can easily ship outside of the United States.  We can ship to Canada; costs would be estimated at the time of shipping as it depends upon which part of Canada we are shipping to.  And we can ship to London, Paris, and Frankfurt for $1400; this includes all costs associated with getting the cat from our house to your airport: vetting, paperwork, inspections, crate, etcetera.  Some EU locations have started charging a fee of over $500 to transport the cat from the plane to the Animal Reception center.  You must find out if this is happening at your end as that fee is not included in our $1400 price.

We are willing to try other locations, but only via United airlines.  If we can ship to your location with one layover, we are open to it.  We will not ship with a comfort stop or an overnight stop as both of these involve the kitten being removed from the carrier during travel.  Any other location would require a booking agency, and it is likely to cost over $2000 just for the shipping alone. If you can pick up in person, we will arrange the export process for you if you fly out of the San Francisco airport.  The required vetting and paperwork needed to get a cat ready for export is around $700, so if you do plan to pick up, estimate that as the approximate cost not including the carrier.

We can ship to breeders within the United States as long as you are abiding by The Retail Pet Law.  We prefer United due to the temperature controlled environment.  We can ship a kitten for approximately $350.

At this point in our lives we do not have time to take on new mentees.  Because of that, we will not sell to new breeders who do not have a mentor.  We fully believe that a mentor is the most important factor in becoming a Bengal breeder who betters the breed.  In the future, we hope to have more time for mentees.

In addition, we do not sell to breeders who are geographically close to us.  In order to continue breeding, we have to be able to sell our pets.  We've worked hard to create a look that is distinct from other catteries. Since we do not ship pet kittens, most are sold to people who live within a few hours from us, and we do not wish to sell breeding cats within that area.

Every person is different and handles each situation differently.  Selling to breeders can be awkward because everyone has a different expectation of what is "right."  We do all that we can to tell you upfront as much information as we can, so we don't discover any extreme differences in philosophies as we work through the sale.  We will disclose all health history; we give you the opportunity to PCR test before the cat leaves our house, and we clearly state our position on breeding age, birth control, and fertility guarantee before you place a deposit. 

Speaking of differences, there are a few odd things breeders should know about us before they consider buying from us.  We know how our cats develop.  We will ask you to tell us your top five traits, and we will only offer you kittens that meet those traits.  Our standards are probably tougher than yours.  Because we know how our kittens develop, we will ask you to pick fairly young.  You either need to trust us, or you need to study how our kittens develop, so you can pick at a young age.  With our cattery name attached to the cat, we, ultimately, control what we want to be out in the breeding world. 

In addition, breeders need to understand that Jon is our stay-at-home Cat-Dad, and Robyn works out of the home.  While Robyn likes to yammer on social media, when it comes to kitten sales, please do not contact Robyn individually via Facebook Messenger.  Contact us both via our Quality Bengal Kittens email or our Quality Bengal Kitten Facebook page. 

Quality Bengal Kittens is the combination of Solana Ranch and Wildernesswell Bengals.  We are TICA registered, Northern California Bengal breeders with a combined experience of over 20 years. Our passion is the Bengal cat.

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