Everyone has different communication methods - and we communicate in person and in writing, not on the phone.  If this doesn't suit your style of communication, you may consider finding a different breeder. 

While people have no trouble understanding Jon's Scottish accent in person, they do struggle with it over the phone which leads to a frustrating conversation for both parties.  We find that by communicating in writing, it leaves a record information for you to refer back to at later dates as sometimes our answers are quite detailed and those details are easily forgotten when absorbed auditorily.  Furthermore, we use your questions to create future Blog posts.  If you've got a question, chances are someone else wants to know the same thing, so we write about.  Often we can answer questions with quite a lot of depth by linking to our Blogs.

To contact us, please email us at You can also message us on our Facebook Page Quality Bengal Kittens. 

We also welcome visits to our home.  We understand that you may want to visit before placing a deposit while picking a kitten, and when picking your kitten up.  We will schedule two-hour visits for placing a deposit and picking out a kitten and a one hour visit for pick up.  Our Kitten Selection weekends are always planned in advance.  Please remember that this is our home and we have a family, so we do need to plan around other life matters.  While this is occasionally inconvenient for you, the benefit is that your kitten is growing up in a home with a family - not in a cage in a barn like it would with an irresponsible breeder.

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