Interactive Wand Toys

Interactive toys are an absolute must-have for every Bengal owner.  Your Bengal is a hunter machine, and your job is to mimic the hunt two to five times a day.  We have a few favorites which we've placed on this page. 

Fishing Pole Wand Toys
These are MUST-HAVE toys for Bengal owners.  You should engage your Bengal in interactive play at least once a day; it is best to establish a routine.  You should try a few different toys to see your favorite pole.  Jon prefers the Da Bird pole toy for its durability and balance. Robyn prefers the Jiaron retractable toy for its lightweight and foam handle.  The Da Bird toy lasts longer; the Jiaron toy is cheaper but is not as durable.  There are several brands that make the retractable pole toy, like the Jiaron toy.  We like the Jiaron brand the best as it lasts longer than the others, uses fishing line instead of elastic, and swivels instead of clasps.   Regardless of the pole you pick, look below to find Bengals' favorite attachments. 

Kid-Friendly Wand Toys
When you have small kids and Bengals, it is a given that they will play together.  The pole toys above can be dangerous around accident-prone kids.  If they is left out unsupervised, cats can wrap the string around their neck and choke themselves.  Therefore, we recommend the following interactive toys for homes with children.  These toys use wire instead of string.  The wire will not wrap around the cat's neck if they are left out. 

Attachments for Wand Toys
As a Bengal owner, you will buy more toy attachments than anything else.  The general rule of thumb is that Bengals prefer natural fiber attachments.  They like the rodents, bees, etc that are made from deer hair, and these are quite durable.  They like rabbit fur attachments, but they are harder to find. Most of all they LOVE feathers.  Feather attachments made from guinea fowl feathers (the ones with white speckles) will last longer than those of solid-colored feathers.  A metal attachment is better than one made of material.  The one exception to the natural-fiber generalization is the sparkle attachment.  Our cats go wild for it.  It loses strands during each play session, so while irresistible, it is not durable. 

Stick Wand Toys
These toys are great for when you want to guide your cat through an obstacle course or when you want to get a picture of your cat's face.  You have more control over where this toy goes.  Shake the toy in front of the cat's face, then draw the toy toward the camera to get the best facial picture of your cat. The Pez Route toys make an enticing noise when wanting to get the cat's attention for pictures, but they don't last long when "caught" by the cat.  We use these toys for the face shots of our kitten pictures.