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What is the best cat food to feed a Bengal?

Sometimes it feels like you need a degree in Animal Nutrition to pick the best cat food for your Bengal cat.  The pet food recalls, lack of supplies, and raw debate make picking the best cat food a challenging choice…

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Is grain-free bad for cats?

Picking the right cat food can be confusing and sometimes asking the vet makes it even more confusing.  If you were to go to a vet and ask, "Is grain-free bad for cats?" the answer you are likely to hear…

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What and How You Feed May Affect Your Bengal Cat's Behavior

A client recently contacted us with some questions regarding behavior issues - jumping on the counter, stealing food, avoiding positive human interaction, and vocalizing obnoxiously.  After having conversations with the family, we discovered that the cause of these behaviors was…

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Cat Food Tips to get through COVID-19

With COVID-19 sweeping us into a different world, raw feeders may have found some challenges.  For one, raw feeding can be expensive when you buy it pre-made and pre-balanced.  Secondly, we are encouraged to have a month's supply of food…

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What Treats are Best for Raw-Fed Bengal Cats?

Finding the right treats for a raw-fed cat can be a little challenging because most treats come in kibble form which the raw-fed cat may not recognize as being food.  Finding a treat your cat loves, though, is important.  Unlike…

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Are You Killing your Cat with Kibble?

Over 85% of cat owners feed kibble, but just because everyone else is doing it doesn't make it right. 

When choosing the best food for your cat, the first fact to consider is that cats are not just carnivores…

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